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I just came across the following Codeplex project that enables you to publish Expression Encoder output to Windows Azure Blob Storage:

This Expression Encoder Add-in helps you to publish your encoded videos to Windows Azure Blob Storage. It's developed in c#.
In order to compile, you need Windows Azure SDK. Because It uses storageclient sample. If you don't have this SDK installed, then :

  • Delete the project reference to StorageClient project.
  • Then add the StorageClient.dll placed in project folder as reference.

This project deploys needed output to Expression Encoder plugins Folder. So you have to open Visual Studio as administrator. You should delete these post-build actions If you want to deploy manually.

In order to use the plugin you'll need an Azure Service account that you can sign up for here.

You will also need to install the Windows Azure SDK in order to get the StorageClient project that this plugin depends on.

Once you've compiled the project (see the Codeplex project for more info), the post-build step will automatically drop the binaries into the Expression Encoder plugins directory:


You can now launch Expression Encoder and you should see the publishing plugin listed:


The things that caught me out with the settings here were that confusingly AccountName is actually the name of the storage project, not your Windows Azure account name.


Also, it must be entered into the plugin accountname field in lower case, not the casing that you named it with when you created the storage project in the portal.

The second confusing setting was endpoint.. you don't enter the endpoint listed in on your portal


but rather just

Following the should enable you to publish a video to your Windows Azure Blob storage.  Once it is there, you should then be able to access it by using your personal endpoint:

For this example that would be (assuming I hadn't deleted this storage endpoint to avoid hacking of course :-))

  1. 1. Made by timheuer on 1/15/2009 5:23:00 PM

    Wow, would not have been able to use this plugin without this post! Thanks James. A few things to add in my experience. The AccountName also is the *url* account name, and not the project name. For instance if you created your project in Azure as 'MyProject' but in the next step chose 'myprojectstorage' as the URI endpoint name, then for the plugin is 'myprojectstorage.' The second thing was that the resulting URI to the blob is also case-sensitive or you'll get a blob not found error.

  2. 2. Made by James Clarke on 1/15/2009 5:26:00 PM

    Great info Tim, thx. This seems a little more complex than it should be in an ideal world :-)

  3. 3. Made by Burak on 2/3/2009 9:20:00 PM

    Hi there, thanks for the explanation. I've updated the project page to link your tutorial (this blog post). Thanks again.

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