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I first blogged about the publishing plugin that enables Expression Encoder to encode and publish Silverlight content to the Silverlight Streaming hosting service back in April.  I'm delighted to announce that we finally have a public preview of this available on the Microsoft Download Center!

Silverlight Streaming is a content hosting service from the Windows Live team.  You get 4GB of free storage and can host any Silverlight Application including videos up to 10 minutes in duration.  One of the primary benefits is global scalability..  if someone visits your blog from Australia the Silverlight experience will be served up from a node near by.

The publishing plugin makes it super easy to encode and skin a video in Expression Encoder, and publish it directly to the Silverlight Streaming service in one hit.  Once published, you can take the invocation HTML and insert this in your blog or elsewhere (my new spare time project is a Facebook application to automate that :-) ). 

Once you've downloaded and installed the plugin, you get a new palette under Job Output called Publish.  This palette lists all installed publishing plugins including one called Silverlight Streaming.


Publishing plugins you may ask?  Well the truth is in Expression Enocder 1.0 we have a managed object model that developers can use to create publishing plugins.  So you could take FTP, Webdav, Metaweblog or indeed any custom upload/publishing protocol you like and expose it as a publishing target in Expression Encoder.  We have a MSDN article in the works that will describe the process of building such a plugin and I'll be posting some details here in due course (bug me in the comments if you want this and that likely will spur me into action more quickly).

Anyway, once you've picked Silverlight Streaming, you can then enter your account credentials and publish away.


Under the advanced settings expander, you can query your SLS account for existing applications, get back the invocation URL and even get a live preview streamed back from Silverlight Streaming:


I posted a bunch of videos from IBC like this one:

using xEncoder and the plugin and the only stumbling block I came upon was AutoPlay being on by default in the xEncoder templates.  We are fixing this more elegantly in the next version but for now, instructions can be found here.

Finally, once you have published something to SLS you need to post it somewhere useful like your blog.  To make that part easier, check out LighterFuel.. a plugin for Windows Live Writer for putting pre-published SLS goodness onto your favorite blog:



Thats it.  WooooHoooo.  It is so good to finally be able to get the bits out there.  Huge props and thanks to my esteemed colleagues on the Expression Encoder team for making this a reality, and to Remy (you ROQ, dude :-)  you are the man) and the SLS team for building such a kick ass service.  Also, thanks to Angus for his encouragement at our serendipitous meeting at Gnomedex.  I have no doubt that Jim Thill, our excellent marketing guy will be posting a bunch of examples on his blog also.

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