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Since I can't talk about what I'm currently working on right now I will, instead, shine a little light one of my previous babies that has grown up a bit.  Today marks the first day of IBC, the venerable broadcast TV show held anually in Amsterdam where my exceptionally awesome friends and ex-colleges are showing version 3.1 of ContentAgent, a product/codebase to which I dedicated a great deal of blood, sweat and tears in years passed.

The product and team appear to be in rude health with new features including RED Rocket hardware accelerated encoding as well as sales to notable broadcasters, post houses and production companies all over the world.  It's quite humbling to see how far the team have evolved something that started out as the first known managed code / DirectShow hybrid application running on Windows XP embedded appliances back when it wasn't supported to do such things :-)  Good on ya Nick, Chopper, Marcus & team.. have a good IBC.  Try not to end up in the canal too often nor commit too many bicycles to the same fate :-)

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10/20/2018 11:37:13 PM