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DSCN5851 It has been an interesting week for Silverlight.  We’ve already had the announcement from Netflix that deployment of a Silverlight 2 Player has begun that will make their Instant Streaming service available cross platform on Windows and Mac.  In his keynote at PDC this today, Scott Guthrie announced that Silverlight is now installed on “about 1 in 4 machines connected to the internet”.

This morning I posted details of our IIS Smooth Streaming announcement from an encoding perspective over on the Expression Encoder Blog.DSCN5855  Here at Digital Hollywood Fall we’ve been demonstrating both encoding and playback of IIS Smooth Streaming content via Akamai’s new Smooth HD site.  Folks have been generally impressed by the image quality which does look great.

You can read more about IIS Smooth Streaming from a more general perspective in this post by John Bocharov from the IIS Media team.

Once our Service Pack 1 release ships, we’ll be talking about this in more depth.

So fun times to be involved with Silverlight.

  1. 1. Made by Nick on 10/29/2008 6:27:00 AM

    It was great to hang with you at the PDC, though I'm sorry you missed Universal - it was a hoot. Looking forward to SP1 !

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